Coming Up on October 27th

October 18, 2009


6pm – Bicycle Master Plan Public Hearing

The public comment draft of the “The Portland Bicycle Plan for 2030” has been out since Oct. 5th and this is the first formal public hearing in the process, although there have been many, many open houses and community meetings leading up to this point.

[Full disclosure – I am a member of the Steering Committee for this plan and served on several working groups that developed specific sections of the plan.]

8pm – Portland Plan Update

No testimony – Staff will give an update on the process for the Portland Plan. I’ll be doing a post soon about my thoughts on the Portland Plan process and upcoming community meetings.

8:30pm – RICAP 5

Worksession (the public hearing was closed after the last meeting, which was in fact an extension of the prior public hearing). There are two remaining issues likely to get discussion:

  • The bicycle parking ratio – There was some consensus at the last meeting toward the 1.5 spaces/unit, but there are also some questions and I anticipate further discussion. You can find some discussion of this topic on the BikePortland blog.
  • Garages on skinny houses in some specific zones – Lots of testimony by developers last time about how important it is to retain the garage option, but also some apparent lack of common understanding about exactly how many lots around the City this change applies to. Staff will be presenting maps to help clarify the reach of the amendment.

I think it’s very likely that we will complete our recommendation to City Council on RICAP 5 at this meeting.



  1. Here goes Chris! I am very disappointed in the draft Bike Master Plan.

    First and foremost it totally ignores the work done by Alta Planning a few years ago for the Swan Island TMA, the Swan Island Trails Action Plan, which calls for above (or behind) the curb bike/ped facilities throughout the area, including the Willamette Greenway Trail along Basin, Lagoon, Ballast and Channel. Indeed, we just built the Channel section (it looks great!), and the Plan shows a future “in street” facility. Did anyone from staff even look at the Action Plan? No one asked me what works for bike commuters on Swan Island.

    Likewise, the Plan totally ignores the existing (though substandard) Going street sidewalk (Going to the River) which as I write is being upgraded to 10′ with a crash barrier over the UPRR tracks. The Plan is totally disconnected from reality on Swan Island, where heavy truck traffic makes in street facilities non starters. Swan Island isn’t even on PBOT’s bike analysis map as though 10,000 people don’t work here, including the largest manufacturing employer in the City that just made the Top Ten in the latest BCC. PBOT bike counts failed to register the bike commuters using Going to the River or the Waud Bluff path.

    That aside, the Plan lacks any “signature” transformative projects like the Eastbank Esplanade or Springwater on the Willamette.
    These kind of projects are expensive and require vision. Willamette Greenway Trail is just such a project that should be on the cover of the Bike Plan, not in Tier 2 for development in 20 years. Just as the transit system needs the MAX network, so bike/ped access needs a Trail network.

    Bike “boulevards” in Portland, I am sorry to say, are a joke…with little dots, a couple of signs and a line on the map, nothing more. As a member of the Tillamook bikeway CAC, I have felt nothing but disappointment over the years as the City failed to properly sign that facility and control motorized vehicle traffic. It is hardly a Bike Boulevard, and PBOT does that concept a dis-service to attach that name to what we have in Portland. Portland has NO Bike Boulevards.

    Again, Willamette Greenway Trail needs to be noted in purple throughout Swan Island…especially Basin Avenue…and Going to the River needs to be included in existing purple (separated) facilities.
    and, Willamette Greenway Trail needs to be elevated to the status of next big thing for Active Transport in Portland.

    Lenny Anderson, Project Manager, Swan Island TMA “moving freight by creating and promoting transportation options for Swan Island’s 10,000 employees”
    and NE Portland resident

  2. Lenny, I hope you’ll come and raise these points in testimony.

  3. Hi Chris

    The skinny house issue came up at the SEUL landuse group meeting last night, where the person speaking on the issue (one of the land use chairs- Leah would have her name) was under the impression that the original RICAP recommendation had somehow been modified to forbid garages on any new skinny house anywhere in the city.

    Is her impression correct? Has the recommendation changed since the RICAP draft that was out in August?

  4. My understanding – and I’ll emphasize that this is my personal understanding, I don’t claim to understand every possible nuance – is that the proposal HAS NOT changed and this is limited to a portion of those lots formed by using the older, underlying plat to subdivide a property below the minimum lot size that would otherwise be allowed under current zoning (the ‘skinny houses’ debate that generated the formation of Friends of Neighborhood Zoning in 2002).

    But the infill developers have represented that the code would apply to “thousands” of lots around the City. Staff does not agree and will be presenting mapping at the next meeting to clarify the effected lots.

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