Finally, the Portland Plan

October 26, 2009

Update: 10/26/09

Apparently my enthusiasm below led some people to believe we were going to start making Portland Plan decisions tomorrow night. Let me clarify, tomorrow is only a briefing on the process. The first decision process, around adopting findings about existing conditions, begins with the workshops outlined below. To quote Winston Churchill:

Now this is not the end. It is not even the beginning of the end. but it is, perhaps, the end of the beginning.

Original Post: 10/23/09

At Tuesday’s meeting, we’ll get an update on the Portland Plan process, and that’s exciting, because the Portland Plan was the single biggest thing that motivated me to join the Planning Commission. And now we’re really getting started.

That perspective is a little bit unfair, because a lot of work has been done by both citizens and staff to get us to this point. But I think it’s also accurate, because this is the point at which we actually start making some decisions. The background data has been gathered and the current state reports are largely written. So what happens now?

The first point that I’d like to emphasize is that the Portland Plan is NOT just an update to the Comprehensive Plan. We WILL update the Comp Plan, but that is only one result of the Portland Plan, and it’s not even the first one.

The first result is a strategic plan for the City and this will be delivered roughly in the Summer of 2010. Let me be clear, this is NOT a spatial planning exercise. It encompasses nine different areas:

  • Environmental Health
  • Economic Vitality
  • Neighborhoods and Housing
  • Community Design
  • Connections and Access
  • Human Health
  • Educational Opportunity
  • Civic Life
  • Arts and Culture

These obviously go a long way beyond a traditional land use plan. Only once the strategic plan has been developed will we move on to the spatial planning exercises that will include updates to both the Comprehensive Plan and the Central City Plan, along with other implementation plans.

So what happens next?

A key ingredient to both the strategic plan (aka the “Concept Plan”) and the Comp Plan is agreement on the existing conditions, which will eventually be adopted by City Council. A new round of public workshops will review this data and solicit additional citizen input on challenges that should be addressed by the Portland Plan. I hope you will all join us for at least one of these workshops, beginning on November 17th. Here’s the full list:

Fall 2009 Workshops

Fall 2009 Workshops

For all the gory details on the workshops, please check out the Portland Plan web site: http://www.portlandonline.com/portlandplan/index.cfm?c=45524 (a good thing to bookmark).

I’ll post more about the process after we get briefed on Tuesday, but for now, let’s get started!


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