Updated: Coming Up on November 10th.

November 6, 2009

Update: Staff memos on the schools and parks item and bicycle master plan became available today.

Official Agenda

12:30PM – Invasive Plant Policy Review (hearing/recommendation)

The policy update proposes changes to the invasive plan list, including a ranking system to respond to different levels of impact and focus mitigation resources on the most problematic plants. Here is the full report.

1:30PM – Bicycle Master Plan (record open for written comment only/worksession/recommendation)

We will sort through comments about different strategies for the system build out and consider recommendations for how the Portland Plan should build on and respond to this plan.

2:00PM – Schools and Parks Code Refinements (continued hearing/worksession/recommendation)

We will make recommendations on 3 components of the proposed code revision to conditional use triggers for schools:

  • Enrollment levels
  • Grade Changes
  • How long a school site retains its conditional use status if not in use

The 4th component of the original package, regarding use of school athletic fields for non-school events, will be separated for later action. We’ll get an update on the process for that item.


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