Update on Schools/Parks Zoning Project

November 16, 2009

Here’s the e-mail staff sent to interested parties outlining what’s coming back to Planning Commission on January 12th and what will happen between now and then.

Update on Schools and Parks Conditional Use Code Refinement Project

On November 10, 2009, the Planning Commission took the following actions on the Schools and Parks Conditional Use Code Refinement project.

  • The Planning Commission recommended that City Council approve proposed code language amendments for Topic 1: Enrollment Fluctuations and Topic 4: Conditional Use Status of Vacant School Property. Here is the link to report with proposed amendments: http://www.portlandonline.com/bps/index.cfm?c=49671&a=259586 A City Council hearing date has not yet been set.
  • The Planning Commission voted to revisit Topic 2: Grade Level Changes at their meeting on January 12th and asked staff to prepare language/commentary that would require a conditional use review for schools that transition from grades K-5 or 6-8 to a K-8 school.

Continued Work on Recreational Fields.

Portland Parks & Recreation, working with staff from Bureau of Development Services and Bureau of Planning and Sustainability, is currently preparing proposals for revisions to recreational field regulations. PP&R will be hosting a community workshop to gather public input on these proposals Wednesday, December 2nd Thursday, December 3rd 6:30 – 8:30 pm at Beaumont Middle School, 4043 NE Fremont. Childcare is available by calling 503.823.5113, before November 30th. If you are interested in learning more about the work on recreational fields please contact Brett Horner, Portland Parks & Recreation Strategy and Planning Manager, at 503.823.1674 or Shawn Wood, Bureau of Planning & Sustainability at 503.823.5468.

Upcoming Planning Commission Meeting January 12, 2010

The Planning Commission is scheduled to hold a public hearing on the recreational field proposals and make a final recommendation on Topic 3: Grade Level Changes on January 12th . Unfortunately, due to the Planning Commission’s extremely full schedule, this is an afternoon meeting which typically starts at 12:30 pm. In an effort to try to accommodate more people, arrangements have been made for this meeting to start later in the afternoon at 3:00 pm. We anticipate the start time for this project to be around 4:00 pm; please confirm with Joan Hamilton prior to the meeting (503.823.5772)

If you have questions, please don’t hesitate to contact me. Also please note that this e-mail update has been sent as a courtesy. If you have questions about the status of a project being reviewed by the Planning Commission the most reliable way to find out the Planning Commission’s schedule is to call Joan Hamilton at 503.823.5772 or visit the Planning & Sustainability Portland Online website http://www.portlandonline.com/bps/index.cfm?c=33998 and follow the link to ‘Upcoming Planning Commission Schedule’.

Julia Gisler, City Planner
Portland Bureau of Planning and Sustainability
1900 SW 4th Avenue Suite 7100
Portland, Oregon 97201


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