Meeting Summary 11/24/09 – River Plan

November 24, 2009

Staff presented progress on the Willamette River North Reach Plan since Planning Commission formally acted on it in June. The two major changes seem to be:

  1. Tweaks in the way in-leau-of fees are calculated
  2. Allowing green roofs as a form of mitigation

The plan goes to City Council in early December at an evening meeting (check Portland Online for upcoming agendas).

Mayor Adams has conducted about a half dozen stakeholder meetings on this project and one more is planned between now and City Council action. Staff reported that the stakeholders are getting closer but are not all on the same page. I suspect that will make for an interesting Council session.

As I indicated in my prior post, I’m coming in at the end of a process that included 11 prior Planning Commission meetings and I’m grateful for the detailed knowledge my colleagues have of this plan.



  1. In-lieu fees are critical issues. Many programs miss the mark and encourage the wrong behaviors (either too much development or too little restoration.) Experiences from wetlands, water quality and endangered species banking show that fees are usually best as a stop gap measure and that banking makes for a better option as banking costs are tied directly to real estate values and other opportunities.

  2. A mitigation bank is also part of the plan.

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