Updated: Meeting Summary – 1/12/10

January 19, 2010

Update 1/20/10:

Here’s the staff description of the schools/parks zoning recommendations.

Original Post 1/12/10:

(3pm) Schools and Conditional Use – Grade Level Changes

Staff presented a hybrid concept in which grades 6-8 could be added to an elementary (K-5) school by right, but adding K-5 to a middle school (6-8) would require conditional use review. Staff recommended a Type II review.

The intent is primarily to provide a review to ensure that the site (particularly in terms of transportation) is safe for younger children.

Planning Commission voted 4-1 to forward the recommendation to City Council but modified the proposal to specify a Type III review with broader outreach and an appeal path to City Council. The Commission also included a recommendation that part of the Portland Plan conversation should include setting up a process by which the City can take testimony on community infrastructure impacts of school closings and grade changes to inform City consultation with the School District. President Don Hanson was the dissenting vote, preferring the less onerous Type II review.

The result is that the School District will need to apply for Conditional Use review for 7 schools that were converted from middle schools to K-8 at a cost of about $75K. The Commission was cognizant of the cost impact on the district but felt strongly that the review was necessary.

(3:55pm) Schools and Parks Conditional Use – Recreational Fields

Planning Commission unanimously endorsed the staff proposal which shifts some fields changes (adding a new field next to an existing one, adding bleacher of a limited size, etc.) from Conditional Use review to a notification and comment process that can result in a Good Neighbor Agreement. The Commission emphasized that the Good Neighbor Agreements can only be successful if the Parks Bureau is serious about using revocation of use permits as a potential enforcement for violations that are not corrected.

(4:50pm) Election of Officers for 2010

President Hanson and Vice President Rudd were re-elected and Commissioner Shapiro was elected to the second vacant Vice President position.

(4:55pm) Portland-Milwaukie Light Rail Project

The Commission was briefed on station area plans, modal interface issues and development opportunities for the segment from Clinton to Tacoma.

(5:30) Director’s Report

Updates on the Portland Plan and budget processes.


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