Tree Trade-offs

March 22, 2010

Written testimony is beginning to come in about the proposed tree plan – in advance of tomorrow night’s hearing.

While the bulk of submissions are very supportive, a number call into question whether increasing the tree canopy could crowd out some other uses, including:

  • Dense housing
  • Rooftop solar installations
  • Backyard gardens

What do you think? Do we  have room for trees and all the other things we want? Come out tomorrow and tell us!



  1. Chris,

    I am instinctively in favor of more trees, but have been thinking differently about this recently. I sent that article about Portland’s tree coverage to a client in San Antonio, and he reminded me that San Antonio really needs trees and coverage given the intense sun and heat in the summer. I think rather than compare us to other cities as a broad brush measure, we should be considering what’s right for Portland. We don’t get as much sun, and as you suggest, we need that relatively rare sun hitting surfaces as much as San Antonio needs their refuge of shade. Glad you’re looking at both sides of this.


  2. I’d hate to see reduced tree canopy for solar power cause increased storm water runoff that requires conveyance and treatment with carbon-based fuels…

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