Meeting Summary 4/13/10

April 13, 2010

We spent about 90 minutes on the Milwaukie Light Rail project and heard testimony about the opportunity to leverage new FTA rules on including bicycle infrastructure in transit projects and concerns that $30M of the capital budget for this project would be funded by dollars that could otherwise be applied to operations. We forwarded the Conceptual Design Report to City Council highlighting these issues and a number of others identified by staff and the Design Commission, including the need for “quiet zone” treatments so that neither freight trains or LRT vehicles will need to sound their horns at crossings and specific connectivity issues at some stations.

This was followed by 2 and half hours spent on the tree plan, with a lot of discussion about when and how to regulate trees in the development process toward the goal of increasing tree canopy, but not much in the way of decisions yet. We have two more work sessions scheduled on this topic and the public record has been held open until at least the next meeting.


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