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Meeting Summary 5/11/10

May 12, 2010

6pm – overview of outline for Central City Plan update (CC2035). Here’s the briefing document (PDF, 0.6M)

6:30pm – working through more of the details of Tree Plan policy. I hope to publish my thoughts on the progress of the plan later in more detail. But we spent more than 3 hours on it…

An interesting question has comeĀ  up about Norway Maples, which are on the invasive species list (they re-seed so effectively that they crowd out native species, but are otherwise wonderful street trees). These trees are used extensively in Ladd’s Addition and we received testimony that prohibiting replacement of existing trees that die with Norway Maples would have a significant impact on the character of the historic district.


Coming Up on May 11th

May 8, 2010

Official Agenda

6pm – Briefing on “CC2035”

CC2035 is the update to the Central City Plan that will flow from the Portland Plan. The Downtown Plan in 1972 and the Central City Plan that followed in 1988 were seminal efforts that helped keep our central city vibrant at a time when many other major city downtowns were declining. The next update will be equally important and this will be the Commission’s first briefing on the initial scoping for this effort.

This looks to be getting a little more complicated in that as I read the Mayor’s proposed budget, there is no dedicated funding for this effort.

6:30pm – Tree Plan

Another work session as we work through the details of the tree plan. I’ll be focusing on how the costs and benefits of the regulation trade off, and where the costs of meeting our tree canopy goals will land.