Coming Up on June 8th

June 6, 2010

Official Agenda

12:30pm – N. Salem St. Street Vacation

This will be my first street vacation hearing. It appears that the issue at question here is not whether the vacation is acceptable (it’s a short dead-end street against a railroad right of way) but rather what easements and other conditions will apply.

1:00pm – Report of the Portland Plan CIC

The Community Involvement Commitee will report on the efforts, and achievements, in involving a broad spectrum of citizens and interests in the Portland Plan process.

1:30pm – Tree Plan

We’ll continue to process the tree plan, focusing largely in this work session on the ‘customer service’ elements: the Tree Manual, 24-hour hotline and other elements aimed at making it easy for citizens to do the right thing. I’ll be continuing to try to make sure that it’s simple, easy and inexpensive for property owners to meet the requirements (primarily tree replacement) when cutting trees on private property outside of development situations.


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