4-6-9 Outline for Portland Plan?

November 1, 2010

The Portland Plan Advisory Group is beginning to ponder the potential strategy groupings for the Portland Plan. This will inform the next round of Public Open Houses that will happen in February and March.

The current draft structure is 4 Principles, 6 Drivers of Change and the same 9 Policy Areas that we’ve worked within for the first two phases of the plan. To break it down:

4 Principles (aka Goals):

  • Equity (fairly distributing benefits and burdens)
  • Safety and Opportunity (success in education, economically and quality of life)
  • Health (people and planet)
  • Resiliency (framed in terms of climate change, but I think this is great way to think about sustainability too)

6 Drivers of Change ( aka strategies)

  • Economic Opportunity
  • 20-Minute Neighborhoods
  • City Green
  • Environment for Learning/Education
  • Innovative Technologies & Practices
  • Equitable Decision-making

And the 9 topic areas we should all be familiar with now:

  • Prosperity and Business Success
  • Education and Skill Development
  • Sustainability and the Natural Environment
  • Human Health and Safety
  • Equity, Civic Engagement and Quality of Life
  • Neighborhoods and Housing
  • Design, Planning and Public Spaces
  • Transportation, Technology and Access
  • Art, Culture and Innovation

My “big question” at the moment is whether six strategy bundles is the right number. I don’t have any problem with the fundamental outline of the strategies, but I wonder if we can really keep in six different things in mind as we make the real world choices that will make the plan succeed or fail. Everything I know about human psychology suggests to me that three is a much easier number of things to carry around in our heads.

So I’m going to be looking for ways to re-combine and re-package these ‘drivers’ as we work through this phase of the plan development. Please help me!


One comment

  1. 1) I agree about three.
    2) I don’t think you’ll actually get there without picking at least two losers.

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