Veggie Cart?

November 18, 2010

A while back I speculated about whether the “food cart” model could address other urban services needs in an affordable way.

Recently I heard a fascinating story on NPR from Detroit, where “Peaches and Greens” provides healthy fruits and vegetables in “food deserts” in that city.

Could we do that here in Portland? Who would be the logical provider(s)?

P.S. Tonight I dropped by the book release party for “Cartopia, Portland’s Food Cart Revolution” to pick up my copy. Can’t wait to read it.



  1. My friends live in rural Costa Rica and though there are small groceries they don’t have the selection like the large stores in San Jose. Once a week a produce truck drives down the road with their PA blaring and people come out to buy. They get some of the best produce that way.

  2. I direct your attention to the City of New York and their NYC Green Cart program which is city-run.

    Facebook Page:

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