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Transecting Portland’s Urbanism

September 30, 2012

“Transect” is a word given an additional usage by new urbanist planners to mean a continuum of neighborhood types ranging from the dense central city out to the increasing less dense edges of a region.

Today, returning from the East Portland Sunday Parkways, I rode home on the Springwater Trail and had the opportunity to transect Portland’s various flavors of urbanism, including:

  • A restoration project on Johnson Creek helping bring salmon back to the creek
  • The “Cartlandia” food cart pod – a bike-friendly oasis, complete with beer garden, on the very auto-centric 82nd Ave – where I had lunch (and I can’t see what all the fuss at City Council about the liquor license was about – it’s a very family-friendly environment)
  • Light industry and urban agriculture (Zenger Farm), side-by-side
  • The vibrant, built-in-the-streetcar-era urbanism of the Sellwood neighborhood
  • The amusing urbanism of Oaks Park, side-by-side with withe nature-in-the-city urbanism of Oaks Bottom
  • Kayakers enjoying Ross Island, just before I encountered our newest streetcar terminus and rail museum
  • A view of the downtown skyline from the Eastbank Esplande

We are truly blessed…


Updated: Coming Up on January 12th

January 7, 2010

Update: Staff has released the briefing memos for recreational fields and grade changes.

The staff is recommending against the Planning Commission suggestion to require a conditional use review when changing grades in a school across the elementary school/middle school boundary. I expect a lively discussion.

Original Post – December 27th, 2009:

Official Agenda

3:00pm – Schools and Parks Conditional Use Code Refinement Project: Grade Level Changes (Work Session / Recommendation)

Schools and Parks Conditional Use Code Refinement Project: Recreational Fields (Work Session / Recommendation)

4:30pm – Portland-Milwaukie Light Rail Project: Clinton Station to Tacoma Station (Briefing)


Fields as Good Neighbors

December 30, 2009

Staff has released their proposed code revisions for recreational fields (PDF).

An interesting feature of the proposal is the idea of using Good Neighbor Agreements to manage issues that are far too detailed and changing to fit well under Conditional Use review.

While Good Neighborhood Agreements have been a feature of Liquor License applications for some time, I believe that outside of a singular case around PGE Park, that this is the first time they would be referenced in the zoning code.

At the earlier Planning Commission discussion the opinion was expressed that Good Neighbor Agreements represent an agreement at one moment in time by the particular group of individuals at the table. This proposal seeks to give them a longer life by requiring periodic review and imposing the threat of revocation of use permits if there is no review or agreements are not carried.

I’d be interested in readers’ thinking on whether or not this could be a useful tool…

This proposal will be reviewed at the January 12th Planning Commission meeting (meeting starts at 3pm). While the schools/fields code amendments item leads the agenda, I understand we will be reviewing the schools portion of the package first).