Purpose, Rules and Disclaimers

This blog is intended to help make the work of the Planning Commission more accessible to citizens, especially during the development of the Portland Plan.

Rules of Civil Conversation

  1. Constructive disagreement is welcome, but simply repeating your disagreement is not. Make your point and leave room for other people to do the same.
  2. Passion and robust debate about ideas are welcome. Passion directed at individuals is not, and will be deleted promptly. Please confine your remarks to policy, opinion and data.
  3. Transparency is appreciated, but respecting privacy is required. Posting under a real name is preferred. If you prefer to use a pseudonym, please use the same one consistently. If you have an affiliation or other factors that readers might reasonably use to assess your comments, we request that you disclose them, but that’s your choice. However, questioning the motivations or sincerity of participants is prohibited.
  4. While you are welcome to disagree, you are not welcome to be disagreeable. Please treat fellow participants with the respect you would give a guest in your home.
  5. Please stay on topic.


Comments which are in violation of the rules of conversation may be removed in part or in full. Repeated violators may have their ability to comment blocked temporarily or permanently.


  • The posts here are the perspective of one individual member of Planning Commission. I don’t speak for the Commission, the Bureau of Planning and Sustainability, or the City of Portland.
  • I am one individual volunteer who probably spreads his time too thinly. The perspectives on policy and proposals here should not be relied on as being either complete or even necessarily accurate (but I try).
  • The City Attorney believes this blog may constitute a ‘public record’ under Oregon law. So keep in mind that even if Google doesn’t remember what you said here forever, someone making a public records request will probably be able to find out.
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